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We Have The Answers!

Classified YYC offers the best tactical laser tag experience in Calgary. We often get a number of questions about how things work at our facilities, so we wanted to address as many of them as possible, all at once!

If you have any lingering questions, please contact us. We are more than happy to assist!

How Many People Can Play In A Session?

Each session can have up to a maximum of 36 people (18 per team).

How Long Is A Session?

Each session is about 90 minutes (includes gearing up and briefing). Each session will also include 5 different missions.

Is Outside Food and Drinks Permitted?

No outside food or drink is allowed inside the play arena. Any outside food or drink brought into the facility must be left at the lockers.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement?

Players should be at least age 13 and 5'2" in height to participate in public sessions. Anyone 12 years and below can participate in private sessions. The recommended minimum age to play at Classified YYC is 8 years old.

Do You Need a Membership To Play?

No membership needed! But if you'd like to experience more perks, we have a Premium Membership you can buy!

What Kind of Clothing Should I Wear?

You'll be doing a lot of running and movement. We recommend athletic wear for the best results.

How Do I Book A Session?

Follow the link at the bottom of this page. Choose a date and then register the amount of players you'll be booking the session for!

How Do I Book A Private Session?

Call the store to book a private session and to secure better rates for you and your party!

Any public session with 26 slots remaining or any Lockout sessions can be reserved as a private session.

How Early Should I Arrive?

You should arrive at Classified YYC 30 minutes before your booked session time for the check in process.

Do You Have A Party Room?

Party rooms are available for anyone to book! Party Rooms are subject to a one time $30 fee for 75 minutes before or after your booked session.

Do You Provide Lockers?

Classified YYC provides secure lockers for all participants free of charge. The lockers do not come with a lock, but the locker area will be secured so only the people playing will be able to have access to it during a session. If you would like more security, please bring your own lock to our facilities.

Do You Require Additional Information For Booking?

All bookings at Classified YYC require a credit card on file.


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